VIXX “Dynamite” MV Meaning

Hi everyone today I would be making a MV analysis on VIXXDynamite” MV. I hope that this help those of you guys that want to understand the MV a bit more or just want to make the MV a bit more sense. I hope that you everyone enjoy my little analysis on VIXXDynamiteMV

VIXX would be having a year long project in which will consist of three part(3 albums) and the first on is their resent release single album “Zelos” name after the Greek God “Zelos” with the meaning  of Rivalry and Envy. You could see “Evil Eye” in many places such as the album and the MV and even in their choreograph, the “Evil Eye“is  a symbol to represent Rivalry and Envy.title

Dynamite” is a song that talk about a guy that is jealous because his love have being taking away from him. It also talks about how he does not want to let her go. If you look at the lyrics you could see that they talk about  how he tough that she would always be with him and that he can’t believe that she was being taking away from him. It also talks about how he is about to explode or blow up any second with Envy and Rage. Well overall the lyric of the song are about a guy who is hurt and jealous about the fact that the girl that lover is leaving him. For the Lyrics translation you could clip the link below (

The Music Video for “Dynamite” have many symbolism. If you don’t play close look at them then you would not be able to see them. As I was watching the MV I tend to look for those symbolism that may appear. I saw a few thing that caught my eyes on the MV and the after reading the lyric they made so much sense. I would be talking about each and everyone of them in this post. The first thing that caught my eyes was N’s “Evil Eye” tattoo on his hand. (We already know the meaning of that so I would not talk about again.) The second thing that caught my eyes was the different type of room’s that all the members are in. From what I got the different room have a meaning in itself. The most clear meaning in the room was Leo’s his room was red with tinny tv’s on it which gave the the conclusion that his room could only mean Rage. The N’s room caught my eyes, His room was a dark messy room which give the feeling of Despair. Ravi’s on the other hand gave me the feeling of Destruction or Broken.  Ken was place on a little place which was in between two wall that gave me many different feelings like maybe his Trap, maybe Darkness or lastly it gave me the feeling of Clouded Judgement. Then we got to Hongbin’s room with was a room with many doors and light going in and out which could represent Loneliness or it could also mean  Then we got to Hyuk’s room the upside down room that if you could as me is the room with so much meaning to it. Hyuk’s room from my perspective could symbolize the relationship turning upside down. It could also mean that his world is now upside down ever since she left. The last two room got me thinking really hard bout the meaning in them first it was the room that Leo and N are show back to back which each other. I though “Oh what is this?”  then I though “Oh maybe this is to symbolism of  the life that he had before she left him and after she left him, and then It occur to me that maybe Leo is that guy that took her away from N. (But personally I like the first on). The last room that it shows the girl with a bunch of manikins. In this room a lot of thing happened first she meet Leo and it show them holding hands. This could mean their first meeting. In the same room it shows the members destroying the manikins and making a mess out of the same room which lead me to believe that this room also represent past and present as well. It could also be a meaning to show that he is jealous. Overall this MV have many element that could be connected with the lyrics of the song and so on. So in conclusion this Music Video talk a guy and his feeling about the fact that the girl he loves leaving him.

I would like to say that this is just my own analysis on the Music Video. The MV could have a totally different meaning than any of this. I hope that this help you guys understand the MV and song a little more. I’m just doing this for fun and I would like to know if anyone have a totally different analysis on the MV , if then me please leave it on the comment down below. I hope that you enjoy it and thank you for reading this little post. Hope you have a great day and see you guys soon. ☺


VIXX Is Officially Back !

Hi everyone I know that it’s a little late to say this but VIXX is officially back. VIXX drop their album on April 19th and their MV on April 20th  Korean Time. I was so happy yesterday when I saw the MV. I first heard the song and let me tell you, this song caught me by surprise because is a very different type of song coming from VIXX. Ravi did gave us a hint that the song was going to be a bit funky but we all though “Oh Ravi Stop lying to us and playing with our heart” but at the end he was right. Well back to the topic VIXX have started promoting “Dynamite” since yesterday when the MV was out.They also held their showcase as well. I would do a MV meaning for “Dynamite” later today or later week please wait for it. I hope that you enjoy the MV and the album as much as I have. Thank you for reading this post and please keep on watching “Dynamite” MV and supporting VIXX and your favorite groups.

VIXX 4th & 5th tag Teasers 

Hi everyone first I would like to say that I wish everyone have a great weekend. I would like to say that today I’m writing this post to let everyone know about the update on VIXX upcoming comeback. I would like to let everyone know that from what it looks like this upcoming comeback is going to be a year long project (Which I could not be happier about). Also the single album would consist of four songs including the instrumental version. The single album would be release on April 19th.  But before that VIXX would be holding a live chat countdown live in their V app channel on April 18 at 10:00 AM Korean Time. I hope that if you are able to watch it. In addition to these news VIXX  have release a concept film teaser for “Zelos”. In the  single album “Zelos” the tittle song would be “다이너마이트 (Dynamite)”. There are many theories going around about what the meaning of this concept is but I hope that on the live chat VIXX give us at least a hint about it. I hope that everyone is ready for VIXX comeback and I would be seeing you guys on their single album release date until then I hope that everyone have a great weekend.

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