A little Kpop News

Hi everyone I’m writing this little post because I found out some great news today and that news is that VIXX and B.A.P are making a comeback on August. B.A.P’s comeback will take place on August 8. While VIXX comeback will take place on August 12. I had a feeling that VIXX was going to announce a comeback soon but I did not though it was going to be today. Talk about a great morning news. I was so happy when I saw this. I also excepting a comeback from B.A.P because there were rumors about a comeback so I though that the rumors could be true. While in the topic of rumors there is a rumor about SHINEE going around saying that they are preparing for a comeback, If the rumors turn out to be true then how awesome will that be. Well I though I would share this news with everyone. I hope that everyone is having a great day today and also I will see you guys soon.

(I’m so happy to see what the August comeback will bring. Here is a little preparation to wait for the comeback. I hope that everyone enjoy.)

Happy Weekday 😊☺

Hi everyone I hope that everyone is enjoying their weekend and that everyone is having a great day today. I decided to write this little post today to share with everyone my playlist at the time. I hope that you guys enjoy these songs as much as me.

(BEAST is finally back and I can’t be more happy. They had made my day and not only that they know how to comeback with great music. I hope you guys also enjoy.)

(I saw Eric Nam at KCON NY 2016  and may I say he was so funny, I could not stop. He made me like him even more. I hope that you enjoy this MV as well)

(Ravi is back with another track and I could not be happy. I miss VIXX but I got some Ravi so that’s okay. I got to see a new side of Ravi and that made me happy. I hope you guys enjoy this MV as well.)

( I miss B.A.P  so much and there are rumors that they are hinting of a comeback ,I hope that’s true. But first I hope that they rest since they where in a world tour. I hope they rest for a bit first and then make a comeback.)

(I finish this drama the day before yesterday and I love this OST so much. I’m still listening to this song even when the drama is over. I really enjoy this song and I that everyone those as well. )

I hope that everyone have a great day and a even greater weekend. I would like to take a second to say to please stay safe and hydrated on these hot weather. Until next time, sorry this post is a little late than expected.

Thank You Again 😊

Hi everyone I’m back and ready. I became really busy with everything this past weeks but I’m back and so happy to see you guy’s again. I would like to say thank you to everyone who are still here sticking with me. This playlist is a little thank you from me to everyone. I hope that everyone enjoy.

VIXX ( Love Letter)(Only You)

KIM FEEL (Nothing Without You)(Stay With Me)

BEAST (See You there, See you later)(Gotta Go to Work)

B1A4 (Try to walk)(What’s Happening?)  

B.A.P  (Feel So Good) (Where are you? What are you doing?)

INFINITE (Between You &Me)(Love Letter)

EXO (My Answer)(Moonlight)

4th Week Of February Playlist

Hi everyone sorry for not keeping up with the week playlist but I would try my best to keep doing it when I have the time. I hope that this week playlist would compensate for the last week’s that I have not being posting. I hope that enjoy this week playlist.

B.A.P (“Feel So Good”)

TAEMIN (“DRIP DROP” “Press Your Number”)

Yoo Joung Jin X D.O (“Tell Me (What is Love)”)

Jung Joon Young (“Sympathy”)

NU’EST (“Overcome”)

Happy Holiday’s

Hi everyone I hope that everyone is having a good week so far and I hope that you guy’s are ready to enjoy the holiday that are coming your way. I made this little playlist to help everyone get into the holiday spirit. I hope that this little playlist help you everyone enjoy the holiday a little bit more.

Ailee (My Grown Up Christmas List) 


Roy Kim (It’s Christmas day ) 

EXO (Miracle in December)


B1A4 (It’s Christmas Time)                                                                                                                                                     

Jellyfish Ent (Love in the air) 


Infinite (Lately) 


TTS (Dear Santa)


Starship Ent (Softly) 


Got7 ( Confession song) 


B.A.P (Be Happy)

(Even if this is not a Christmas song I wanted to put it in here, because I want everyone to be happy on this day.)


Weekend Playlist

Hi everyone I hope that everyone had a great week and weekend. First of all I would like to apologize that this playlist is a little late but I just found the time now to post this. I hope that you everyone who see this post enjoy this little playlist. I also hope that this playlist make everyone a little more happy.

B.A.P (“Young,Wild&Free”) (“Take You There”)

B.A.P is back and better then ever. I really enjoy this song and the MV is really B.A.P. I really like the feel of the song and the lyric’s. This song have a bit of pop rock element to it this make the song have a very unique sound to it. This song stand out on it’s own. The second song “Take you there” is a song made for the fans. I enjoy the vocal in this song. This song is more slow than  “Young,Wild & Free”. I hope that everyone enjoy this song as much as I do.


Apology” is IKON’s new single that will be included in their full album with the same title as their mini album “Welcome Back“. This song is more of  a ballad song for IKON. I really enjoy this song fro IKON and it as refreshing to see them act on the MV. I really enjoy it. But I will let you guy’s judge the song by yourself. I hope that you guys enjoy.

Big Brain (“Welcome”)

This song is a ballad song and its a song that showcase the vocals very well. I’m a sucker for ballad for the fact that they showcase the artist vocal abilities very well. I hope that you guys guy this song a listen if you have not yet. I hope that this song is to you liking.

Lee Hong Gi (“Insensible”)

This song mark the official solo debut of Lee Hong Gi lead vocal of FTISLAND. Many have been waiting for this for a long time and it’s finally happening. I was happy when I hear that the was going to make a solo debut because I really enjoy listening to his voice. I hope that this song is to your liking.


Hi everyone I just wanted to write this post for everyone that was waiting for B.A.P.This post is for everyone that was waiting for them. I was waiting for them. I really can’t say nothing more than “Welcome back B.A.P”.


After a year and nine month B.A.P is back and this comeback is better than what I was expecting. I was  pleasantly surprise. I really like the album and the lyric of the songs. I really enjoy this album and also enjoy listening to each and every song. I also enjoy the message of the songs. I addition I also like that you could hear how much they have work to produce this album and not just for them self but also for their fans.This is a album for their fan and you could clearly hear that. I hope that everyone could also hear this.


The title track is “Young, Wild & Free”. The lyric’s is talking about how they are back and that how they feel about  being back. I really like the lyric in the song that say’s “I know we are better together”. I also enjoy the feel of the song. The song have a bit of a pop rock element to it that is goes really well with the feel of the song and make the lyric’s stand out. I really enjoy this song and the MV. The whole album had a get feel to it and it was a album made with the though of their fan in mind. I really enjoy the album and all the songs. I hope that everyone also enjoy.

Weekend Playlist is back!

Hi everyone I hope that everyone had a great week and are looking forward for the weekend. I also hope that this little playlist will help you guys with have a better weekend. I hope that everyone enjoy and thank you for reading my little blog.

Zico (“Yes or No”)

I ready enjoy listening to this song and I feel that this song is a great song for everyone that want to enjoy their weekend. This song is a great turn up song. I really recommend this song for those of you guys that like to have fun and party on their weekend. I hope that everyone enjoy this song.

Zion.T (“No Make Up”)

I really like this song as well as all the song that Zion.T comeback with. I also enjoy the message on Zion.T songs. This songs message as also a very good one. This song is telling girls  or ladies not to be so attentive to their appearance. The song this telling girls that they are beautiful just the way that they are. They should not worry so much about the appearance and be happy just the way they are. With just a smile in there face they are just beautiful. I hope everyone please give this song a listen.

IU (“Twenty-three”)

I really like the feeling of this song. I also like the song. This song is have a different feel from the type of song that have being coming out. I really enjoy this song and IU vocal are also really good, so if you are looking for a funky chill out song this is the song for you. I hope that you guys enjoy.

XIA Junsu (“Yesterday” and “OeO”)

This two song have being on replay since the first time that I listen to them. The two song could not be so different from each other, but I like that about the song. This songs are really good and I really enjoy listening to each of them. I was once again really surprise of XIA Junsu his vocals are really amazing. I believe that he could really sing anything and it would be amazing. I hope that everyone enjoy these song as mush as I have.

Monsta X (“Hero”)

This song is another powerful song from Monsta X. I really enjoy this song more than “Rush”. I don’t mean to say that I did not enjoy “Rush” I’m just saying that I enjoy this song better because this is more of the type of song that I enjoy listening. I really like this concept better than “Rush”. I hope that everyone also enjoy this song.

Uniq (Best Friend)

This song is a bit different from the other song that I have hear from Uniq. This song have a more HIP HOP feel to it with a bit of R&B. The song gave me the feel that it was a song meant for the fans. I really enjoy listening to this song and hope that everyone enjoy it as well.

BTOB (“Way back Home”)

I really enjoy this drama like MV. At first I got to say that I did not pay much attention to the song because the MV was catching my attention. I like the way that they did the MV with a story line and also enjoy the MV. Then I hear the song without the MV and enjoy the song. The song was really good and showcase BTOB  vocals. BTOB was one of the groups that I know that they have great vocals and was wondering when they will show the powerful vocals again. I’m really please with this song overall.


B.A.P.  (MV collection)

B.A.P are finally making a comeback and I’m so excited and I know that there are also many other people as excited as me or even more excited but I wanted to put this little playlist of all B.A.P MVs for those of you that are waiting for their comeback. I hope you guys enjoy this.