Weekend Playlist

Hi everyone I hope that everyone had a great week and are looking forward for the weekend. I hope that this little playlist help you everyone have a better weekend. Hope that everyone enjoy your weekend and see you next week or sooner.


VIXX is finally back with their 2nd full album and I could not be happier. This concept is a little different from the other concept that VIXX have come back with, but it still VIXX. This song will have you singing along in no time. The song is a song that will have you dancing in no time. I hope that you guys enjoy this song and MV.


This song have a hip hop and electronic feel to it. This song is a good song to listen to when you want to listen to a dance song that will make you feel good. I hope you guy’s enjoy this song and MV.


This song is a more ballad song almost made for the fan type of song, but I really enjoy it. This is one if not my favorite song from Up10tion’s debut album. I really enjoy this song and I hope you guys will enjoy it as well.

HIGH4 (“D.O.A.” {Dead or Alive})

This is once again a different concept from High4, but I really enjoy this song like the others. If I have to say this song did get stuck in my head, but if I had to say I don’t think this song got me like the other High4 but I really like the song never the less. I hope that you guy’s enjoy it.


I really enjoy this song. This song is a good to listen to when you want to listen to a song that would make you happy. I don’t really know but when I listen to this song I always feel happy. I hope that you guys also feel happy listening to this song


VIXX Chained Up MV Meaning

Hi everyone I’m so excited VIXX have finally have release their Music Video and I could not be happier. I have watch the MV and I have decided to find the story line or meaning behind this MV. I don’t know if any of the things that I say here have many truth but this is just my interpretation of the MV. I hope that this make sense and that you guys enjoy this little post.


So I  found the English translation of the lyric of “Chained Up”(Thanks to Fyeah-VIXX) (http://fyeah-vixx.com/post/132901681676/lyrics-vixx-%EC%82%AC%EC%8A%AC-chained-up-koreng ). So the song talks about how a guy is being imprison by love. He have become someone that can’t live without her and is willing to do anything for her. He is willing to take her bad treatment so he would be able to stay with her. He have let his guard down and is okay with what ever she want to do with him. In the end he have become nothing but a slave of love or a slave for her love. Continue reading “VIXX Chained Up MV Meaning”

VIXX “Chained Up” first listen

Hi everyone I hope that everyone is having a great day today. I would also like to wish Leo a very Happy Birthday. I hope that he is having a great day today and that he is having a great time with the members.


VIXX release their 2nd full album a few hours ago and I have now giving the album a listen and I have to say that there were many song that pleasantly surprise me. I really got super excited after listing to the album. I can’t wait to see the MV (Which is coming out in a few hours.). I saw a few teaser of the MV and I don’t know what to expect, but at the same time I know that they are coming back with the sexy image so I know it’s going to get all of us fan girls going crazy.


The first song is call Mistress” the song is like a preview of the album. The song sound very mysterious. The sound starts with this galaxy and mystical sound that make the song sound like and out of this world song. The second sound is the title song Chained Up” the song has a very pop and dance element.  I really enjoy the chorus of the song. The song over all has a very dance fantasy feel to it. I song goes from  a dance song to a mellow song. The third song is by the name Maze”. The song have a dance rock pop element to it. This song is also a very good song and I really like the chorus on this one as well. The fourth song is call Stop It Girl”. This song is more of a balled. I really like this song. I really enjoy this song because this song give the feeling that they are confessing to a girl and this song could pretty much be a song that would make girls heart melt (Please note that I’m a sucker for ballad’s and good vocals) The fifth song is “Spider” this song is also a dance song. This song have a very dance club feel to it. I really enjoy the song, for the fact that this song remind me of VIXX dark concepts. I was taking back to their dark concept and could see see the doing a dark concept with this song. The next song is Hot Enough” have a very jazz and blues feel to it. I really enjoy the melody in this song. Ken’s and Leo’s high notes with the members soothing vocals is what make this song. The seventh song is 부시시” this song have a very pop indie feel to it. The song sound like a very happy song. I would be listing to this song on a walk to the park or when I’m having a really happy day. The eighth song is call “Heaven” and this song was compose by Ravi. This song is a very happy song. This song sounds like it a song that was made with the fan in mind. I really like it when the chorus go “A.N.G.E.L.”  and “H.E.A.V.E.N”. This song caught my attention when I heard the album. This was one of the song that I though that I have to listen to it again (This will probably be playing to replay in my phone sometime this week.) I also though about how awesome this song would be to hear at their concert. The other song is by the name “지금 우린” this song is also a ballad or slow song. The song have a very soothing sound to it. This song I could see it being play in a drama. I also enjoy the vocal in this song. I really like enjoy the part with Ravi vocal. I really enjoy that Ravi is also getting showcase his vocal in this album a bit more.The other three song are “Eternity”, “Error” and “Can’t Say” Korean version. The last track on the album is the instrumental version of “Chained Up”. I also enjoy that the songs are different but also go so well together. I enjoy the vocals throw the whole album.

Please note that this are only my first though of the album and the song and I know that other people have other opinion on the song and the feel that the got from the song and the album. I wanted to write this for those of you that like to hear other’s opinion. I hope that you guys enjoy this little post. 🙂

VIXX is coming back with CHAINED UP!

Hi everyone I don’t know if everyone knows but VIXX is making a comeback tomorrow and I can’t wait. VIXX will comeback with a full album this time and I can’t be more excited. I really can’t wait until tomorrow. I saw a few teasers and was so surprise but the concept that they are coming back with. I will talk a bit more about the songs and the MV after I see it tomorrow.

I wanted to share with everyone the few teasers that VIXX have drop and I hope that everyone enjoy them as much as I have.

Photo Teaser: Hongbin,Hyuk,Ken,Leo,N and Ravi

ChainHongbin ChainHyuk ChainKen ChainLeo ChainN ChainRavi