BEAST “Ribbon” MV Meaning

First of all I would like to say  thank you to everyone that have being reading this little blog of mine. I would like to also say sorry for not posting recently. I hope that everyone understand that like I explain last post that I have being really busy with many things happening in my life. Now on to what everyone is reading this post. In this post I will be giving everyone a brief hypothesis or my meaning on the MV. I would like to say that this is all are my idea on what the MV means base on what I saw and heard. The  MV could have a totally different meaning then the one that I will be stating. I hope that everyone enjoy this little post.

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BEAST “No More” MV

          Hi everyone. As you could see from the title today I would be talking about BEAST new Music Video’이젠 아니야’ or “No More”. BEAST is set to make a comeback very soon. They are going to release their new album on June 16. But they drop this Music Video for the fans that could not wait much longer. After 11 mouth BEAST would make a comeback with “No More” and the title track ” Good Luck”. BEAST is well know for promoting Balled and Dance track at the same time. This time is no different.

In BEAST “No More” music video the story line is simple and easy to get. The story line was also there. In the beginning  of the video it show’s actresses LEE YU BI looking at her phone. In the phone she then click on the app by the name Beastagram. DOO JOON start singing. Then it shows her looking at the members picture it begins with DOO JOON.  Then it shows her with JunHyung. Then the other member appear in the same way that DOO JOON did. The story then continue by looking a the  relationship of the couple. By the way if you did not know the story is set with LEE YU BI and JunHyung. The story line revolve around the two of them. The story talk about them and their relationship and how in the beginning everything was happy and beautiful. Then everything change and it also show how the girl could still not get over him and is still looking for him. By looking at the old pictures of the two of them together, he is then reminded of the past. The is show the them in the present and how the two coincidentally meet and they look at each other. They don’t say anything to each other and they each go their own ways. The it shows JunHyung giving the flower that he brought to a girl. Showing that he has move on. While at the the same time shoing the girl putting everything that remind her of the relationship inside a box. Also showing how she have now decided to move on as well.

Everyone here is the music video let me know what you guys think.

Ok now for what my interpretation of the video like I said before the video is simple and to the point. About the lyric I have not read the english translation of the lyric jet but I could tell that the song was about moving on and saying “No More”(It could also be another meaning of STOP). I think that is talking about how after a break up the is one side that move on and another that is still holding on. This also show the pain of a break up. The only thing that I could get from the video and the feeling of the song is that it’s saying that is time to move on. That’s what came up to me. That the only explanation for that I could come up with. I’m sorry if you don’t like or disagree with my explanation.