A little Kpop News

Hi everyone I’m writing this little post because I found out some great news today and that news is that VIXX and B.A.P are making a comeback on August. B.A.P’s comeback will take place on August 8. While VIXX comeback will take place on August 12. I had a feeling that VIXX was going to announce a comeback soon but I did not though it was going to be today. Talk about a great morning news. I was so happy when I saw this. I also excepting a comeback from B.A.P because there were rumors about a comeback so I though that the rumors could be true. While in the topic of rumors there is a rumor about SHINEE going around saying that they are preparing for a comeback, If the rumors turn out to be true then how awesome will that be. Well I though I would share this news with everyone. I hope that everyone is having a great day today and also I will see you guys soon.

(I’m so happy to see what the August comeback will bring. Here is a little preparation to wait for the comeback. I hope that everyone enjoy.)



This week winner of Kpop TBT is SHINEE. Like I promise I’m posting this. P.s thank you to those of you who voted on the poll, Please keep on voting for more post and little game.

SHInee debuted on May 25, 2008 with “Replay”. The member consist on Key, Onew, Minho, Taemin, and Junhyung. They have release multiple album since their debut. Shinee is well know for their synchronized and complex dance move. SHInee are not only active musician but also actors, fashion icons and even athletes.

SHInee recently made a comeback with “Marry to the Music”. They are following their other comeback “VIEW”. SHInee have made their fan wait but after such a long wait fan could not be more excited to have them back. SHInee fan have show them just how much their fan loves them by making them win in multiple music shows.

SHInee have become a world star over the year and they one of the kpop group that are well know over many countries. SHInee keep on showing their colors throw their music and other activities. SHInee have shown just how much they have evolve throw the years.

If you guys did not saw the playlist of SHInee evolution. I will post it below. Thank you again for voting and please go and vote for this week Kpop TBT (https://whoamixoxokathyr.wordpress.com/2015/08/14/kpop-tbt/)



This Weekend Playlist

This weekend Playlist is about song that have that feel good feel. I hope that you guys feel good by listening to this playlist. I hope everyone enjoy and have a great weekend.

Big Bang (Let’s Not Fall In Love)

I really enjoy listening to this. This song is a great song to listen. I always get the feeling of going out and having a great time after listening to this song. I like listening when in walking down the street. I some time find myself singing along with the song. I hope that everyone one please listen to this song I also being enjoying listening to GD and TOP song “Zutter”.

B1A4 (Sweet Girl)

This song have a feeling of  wonderland. I really like the old school sound that this song have. I also like the funk feel that the song give. I also like that with this comeback B1A4 is showing a different side to them. I always like B1A4 for the fact that they show a different side of them self in every comeback. Please watch and enjoy this song.


I really like this song because this song talks about how you don’t have to change anything. “You are Just Right “. That what the song talks about. I like that message of this song. I hope that you guys like to  listen as well. I hope that this song help everyone well that they are “Just Right”

SHINEE (Marry The Music)

I like the feel of this song. I like that summer feel of the song. I also like that this song have the a old school feel to it. I believe that the lyric of the song have a double meaning. One of the meaning of the song from my point of view is that they found a girl that have turn into their everything and feel in love with her and she have turn into this his everything. The other meaning of the song could be that music have turn into their everything and they have decided to live their live by doing music forever. With one of this meaning making more sense than the other, I hope you guys enjoy this song.

TBT is back!

Hi everyone I decided to bring back Throw Back Thursday this week. I hope that you guys enjoy this week TBT.

For those of you guys that don’t know what TBT is. It a poll that I make asking you guys which Idol or group do you guys think have made the best evolution from debut until now. I will write a special post about the group that won. I hope you guys participate and enjoy this little post.


I decided to put in BEAST this week since they made a recently made a comeback this week. I was waiting for their comeback all this time and I’m really happy right now. I hope that you guys enjoy this playlist.


I wanted to put B1A4 last week on the post I was going to post but could not post do to technical problems, so I decoded to put them up this week. I really enjoy listening to B1A4 songs and I hope that if you guys have not give them a chance this post will help with that.

ZE:A :

I think that ZE:A had yet reached their full potential. I know that they still have more to show than what they have shown. I really hope that they would release their full potential with and amazing song that will let show how amazing vocals  they have. I know that they are one of the underrated group. I hope that they show more of them self in their new songs. I hope that you guys please give them a chance and please listen to their song.



I have grown to like SHINEE at first I did not pay them much attention but one day I decided to give them a try and I listen to some of their song and they made me in to a fan. I really like SHINEE and their comeback are better and better every time. I hope that you guys also give them a try and listen to their music.

Weekend Playlist Is Back!

Hi everyone I know that in the few weeks  I did not made a playlist but I will be posting two playlist this week. I hope that this makeup for the past week. I Hope you guys enjoy this little playlist.

Big Bang (We Like 2 Party)

If I have to pick the song that I like from Big Bang New Single Album is this one because it’s more my style. I really like this song and I’m also happy that Big Bang release this song just in time for summer. I hope that you guys enjoy the song.

Big Bang(Bang Bang Bang)

This song is a very energetic song and it make you sing along the song. The song make you want to have a party with all your friends or even throw a party just for yourself. The song will sure make you want to  sing and dance along for sure.I hope that you guys enjoy listening to this song.

EXO (Love Me Right)

This sing is a song which was a surprise for me because it something new that I personally have not heard from EXO before. I like that the song have a jazzy and electronic feel to it. I like the fact that this song is different from EXO but still feel so EXO. I hope that you guys enjoy the song and have a great time listening to this song.

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