VIXX LR “Whipper” MV Meaning

Hi everyone I’m writing this post after VIXX LR “Whisper” MV has come out. I know that I am a bit late with this post and that many of you guys were waiting for me to post this MV meaning post but I have been so busy since school started that I have not had the time to write or do anything that I want to. I hope for your understanding and I hope that you enjoy this little post.

I would like to say that everything that I write on this post is my opinion and in no way facts. This is my opinion base on what I saw and hear. I hope that you enjoy my interpretation on this MV.

First I would like to talk about the fact that this song was not what I was expecting and that it was a little surprising. I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that this song starts really slow and then when Ravi enters with his gentle rap that really complements Leo voice really well. This song has a very calmness and then when it drops with Leo chorus almost whispering into your ears (OMG). This song overall is a very calm and chill song with an electronic to it. One of the thing that I really enjoy about this song is the fact that Leo got to showcase his vocals and base on the song I feel that Ravi got to enjoy and show his rap more than when he is on VIXX. I glad that this song is something that showcases both Leo vocals and Ravi rap. In addition, this song has a very minimalistic feel to it the fact that it does not have too many extra things I really enjoy that but I know that some people like the song to have more going for them. I personally enjoy vocals more than the sound of the songs and I really like this song. Also please listen to the rest of the mini album I really enjoy the mini album. I hope that you to enjoy it as well.

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VIXX LR “Whisper” Comeback

Hi everyone I hope that you are enjoying your week. I would like to say sorry for not writing this updates as they come along I have been busy with class starting soon. I hope that you understand and thank you for continuing reading this little blog.

Yesterday Jellyfish updater us with VIXX LR Scheduler for the schedule it is saved to say that we are going to be getting more hit on the concept of this comeback the rest of week.

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VIXX LR Comeback

Hi everyone I writing this little post because VIXX LR is making a comeback and I can’t be more excited. Today Jellyfish drop a teaser on VIXX LR come back. Their 2nd Mini album would be released on August 28,,2017 at 6 P.M. The teaser gives us a little hint of the melody of one of the song in the mini album.From the information that Jellyfish have given us the title song is “Whisper”. The teaser does not give much away but one thing that I’m sure is that this mini album is going to be more different from their last one. I really can’t wait to see what Leo and Ravi will come back this time. I will keep you guys updated when I learn more about their comeback. Thank you for reading this little post and I hope that you guys enjoy the rest of your day.

VIXX “Fantasy” MV Meaning

Hi everyone I hope that everyone is having a great day today. Today have finally come, everyone today is the day that VIXX drop their MV to “Fantasy” and I can’t tell you just how excited I am. So as promise today I posting this MV meaning post. I would Just like to say that this are just my personal opinion and the MV could have a totally different meaning from the one stated in this post. I hope you enjoy this little Hypothesis on VIXXFantasy“MV.

Screenshot (725)

VIXX is finally back after almost four months. They are back with “HADES” their second part of their project of their year long trilogy project “Ker” or “Keres” (With the meaning of goddess of death and doom or illness.) Their past comeback was “Zelos” with the title track “Dynamite“. This new comeback by the name “Hades” title track goes by the name “Fantasy“. The album consist of four songs the title song “Fantasy“, “Love Me Do“, “Butterfly Effect” and the Instrumental  version of “Fantasy“.  The album by the name “Hades“, name after the Greek God of the underworld or the ruler of the underworld,the dead and the richest. Is a  very different from VIXX previous album “Zelos“. “Hades” have brought out a different color from VIXX. They are showing many different elements and different sides to them that we did not new on this new album. I hope that you enjoy listening to the album as much as me. (I will put a link below on my first listen to “Hades” post.)

I will start by talking about the lyrics of the song or the meaning of the song. The song talks about a guys how is living in a “Fantasy” after the girl he loves left him. It talks about how he will do anything to stay inside that “Fantasy” and never be without her. The song also talks about how the he is living in the darkness now that she is gone. The pain that he is feeling right now is something that is very hard for him to beard but he is still willing to live in there if it all means to have her back. This song is talking about the how he became part of the darkness and is asking for someone to help him. But he just keep on being in the darkness and in that “Fantasy” he has created.

Here is the link to the English translation to “Fantasy” Lyrics :

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VIXX 6th Single Album “Hades” First Listen

Hi everyone I hope that everyone is having a great day today. I would first like to say to please be careful in these hot weather were having and to please stay hydrated. This hot weather could cause some harm to your health so please remember to drink a lot of water and stay hydrated. Now back to what  you guys are here for, In this post I will be taking about my experience and option from my first listen to VIXX album “Hades“. I would also like to say that these are my option and review of the album.


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VIXX “Hades” Comeback News

Hi everyone I’m writing this little post to bring some VIXX update on their comeback. This post is for all of you guys that want to be up to date on VIXX upcoming comeback. In this post I will be posting only on things that I know. As stated in their last comeback post VIXX will be having a year long project which is a trilogy comeback,which mean that they will be a set of three comeback this year. The concept of the trilogy will consist on “Greek Gods“. This comeback make their second project with the name “HADES“. The release day will be August 12,2016. “Hades” is the continue of their last comeback “Zelos“. It shows to be a dark concept that we have not seem from VIXX in a while.


From what I saw on the scheduler teaser photo the album will be release first and then the Music Video. This caught my attention because the MV will be release two days after the album, which is a first for me. (I mean I don’t really mine but its feels weird .) Also what I caught from the first teaser is that this comeback is going to be a dark concept comeback ,which I really enjoy but I’m pretty sure that its going to be something that we have yet to see. This made me even more happy. HadesScheduler

VIXX "Hades"

Then today all the members as well as a group photo tease  were release. These teaser made many Starlights have a heart attack. (I know that it made me have one.) The way that they are all looking at the camera like that are looking at you in the eyes, it’s just amazing. I can’t wait for them to make a comeback. These teaser photos made me more excited than what I already was. I will keep you guys up dated with any other news that comes on VIXX comeback. I will also be doing a first listen on “Hades” please look forward to that as well. Thank You for always reading my little blog.

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A little Kpop News

Hi everyone I’m writing this little post because I found out some great news today and that news is that VIXX and B.A.P are making a comeback on August. B.A.P’s comeback will take place on August 8. While VIXX comeback will take place on August 12. I had a feeling that VIXX was going to announce a comeback soon but I did not though it was going to be today. Talk about a great morning news. I was so happy when I saw this. I also excepting a comeback from B.A.P because there were rumors about a comeback so I though that the rumors could be true. While in the topic of rumors there is a rumor about SHINEE going around saying that they are preparing for a comeback, If the rumors turn out to be true then how awesome will that be. Well I though I would share this news with everyone. I hope that everyone is having a great day today and also I will see you guys soon.

(I’m so happy to see what the August comeback will bring. Here is a little preparation to wait for the comeback. I hope that everyone enjoy.)

Happy Weekday 😊☺

Hi everyone I hope that everyone is enjoying their weekend and that everyone is having a great day today. I decided to write this little post today to share with everyone my playlist at the time. I hope that you guys enjoy these songs as much as me.

(BEAST is finally back and I can’t be more happy. They had made my day and not only that they know how to comeback with great music. I hope you guys also enjoy.)

(I saw Eric Nam at KCON NY 2016  and may I say he was so funny, I could not stop. He made me like him even more. I hope that you enjoy this MV as well)

(Ravi is back with another track and I could not be happy. I miss VIXX but I got some Ravi so that’s okay. I got to see a new side of Ravi and that made me happy. I hope you guys enjoy this MV as well.)

( I miss B.A.P  so much and there are rumors that they are hinting of a comeback ,I hope that’s true. But first I hope that they rest since they where in a world tour. I hope they rest for a bit first and then make a comeback.)

(I finish this drama the day before yesterday and I love this OST so much. I’m still listening to this song even when the drama is over. I really enjoy this song and I that everyone those as well. )

I hope that everyone have a great day and a even greater weekend. I would like to take a second to say to please stay safe and hydrated on these hot weather. Until next time, sorry this post is a little late than expected.

Happy Friday☺

Hi everyone I just want to start of by wishing everyone a  Happy Friday. I also like to wish everyone a happy weekend. I’m writing this little post to update everyone on what I have being up to and what’s going on in Kpop. I would also like to apologize to everyone for not posting much. I would like to post as much as possible but I’m unable to do, so I hope that you guy’s understand. I hope that everyone is enjoying today and are looking forward for the weekend.

I would like to say that I have being busy with new projects and new ideas have being popping up in my head and I can’t stop them. I also started going to the gym and that’s  also taking some time out of maybe posting, but I hope that everyone understand. I would do as much as possible to post more but I can’t promise nothing I would try to post at least once a week with a playlist or songs that I’m enjoying at the moment and I hope that you guy’s look forward to that.

In addition to these things I would like to say how happy I am that VIXX had their 5th win with “Dynamite” and the won a triple crow on “MTV The Show“. I also saw that as of today “Dynamite” MV is at 2.2 millions view and I could not be happier. In addition to this I woke up to find out that Ken finally won on “Duet Song Festival” I always watch it to see Ken and this partner song and I always get amaze by their performances. I can’t wait to see what they would bring next week. I sure would be watching. I hope that you guys also enjoy the show. In other news VIXX would be in Toronto, Canada this weekend and I hope that Canadian Starlight’s show them a good time. I hope that if your around the area you go and show VIXX some support. VIXX as well as Day6, Gfriend and GOT7 would also be at the “Toronto Kpop Con” on May 20-22. I hope that everyone that this going have a great time and enjoy your time at the convention.

I hope that everyone is enjoying your day today and I hope that the next day would an even better day. I want to say thank you to everyone that are reading this little blog. I would like to say that I’m really happy to know that there are people out there that want to read what I have to say. Once again thank you 😊☺